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How to Reheat/Store Food and other information.

All orders will come in a thermal bag. Remove the coleslaw and sauces and put in the fridge. The below instructions are in the event the meals are not eaten immediately!


These are best stored in the fridge.

Mashed Potato

With everyones microwave being different, this serves as a guide. Mashed can be eaten at room temperature as I tweaked the recipe as such. But if you would really like you could put the mashed potatoes into the microwave in 1 minute intervals. Do not microwave it for long as it will become runny if the cream, butter and potato spilt!

Beef Ribs

It can be either eaten at room temperature or heated up. Beef ribs are good to eat at room temperature, that is how Texans consume them! But my experience is that us Singaporeans love our food hot so follow the below instructions ! 

Take the ribs out of the box and place on a pan.  Pre-heat your oven up to 170 degrees and heat the ribs for 5-8 minutes. The rib should not be bubbling as smoked meats are incredibly delicate, too much heat and all the juices would ooze out. You could place a small knob of butter on top of the meat to keep it moist, but this is really optional. 


Sliced Ribs

If you ordered sliced ribs, it will come in the below format. I sliced up the meaty parts and chewy parts separately as they have different textures.  The blue circle is made up of a chewier part, it’s from the bottom and sides of the ribs. The red circle is made up of the meaty tender part! 


Mac and Cheese

Into a 170 degrees preheated oven  for 3-4 minutes. 


If you have leftovers, just treat them like any other food and place them in the fridge. We will strongly advise people to consume all food within the stipulated time for your safety :)


You can mix the two sauces together and enjoy them too! Bon appetit! Text Jett if you have any other questions.