Christmas and New year slots are selling quick. Remember to place your order early! Follow our telegram/Instagram @jettbarbecue for updates.


Online monthly slot release order guide

Please refer to "How to order" for step-by-step guide.


"How much to order" FAQs

How much is the minimum order and how many people is it for? 

Each set comes with 2 dino beef ribs (+- 1000g post cooked weight and +- 2000g pre cooked weight), a side of mashed potato and lime infused coleslaw, homemade sauces and pickles. Delivery is free of charge. Each set is good for 3-5pax


What if my gathering/occasion has more than 3-4 pax?

On our "Buy Now" page, you can choose the number of ribs you want. Each additional rib comes with a proportional increase in mashed potatoes, homemade sauces and pickles. We recommend 1.5-2.5 pax per beef dino rib and sides. 


Delivery FAQs

How much are your delivery charges? 

Delivery is free of charge for orders 2 ribs and more. For orders below $159, our system will automatically charge a $20 delivery charge. 


Do you have self collection?

We do not allow self collection.


Can I choose a delivery timing? 

We will deliver your ribs between 5pm and 8pm. Unfortunately, timings will depend on our delivery route. This way we are able to offer free delivery. If you wish to have the ribs delivered at a specific timing, we can arrange a Grab Express but costs will be bore by the customer. Please notify us a week in advance if you require this service. 


Slots FAQs

Why can't you have more slots? 

To ensure that Jett Barbecue keeps to the highest standards, we only do a limited quantity of ribs a day. Our smoker, beef and solid wood logs are imported mainly from America. Hence, we will only increase our capacity once we are confident to provide a steady supply of high quality products to our customers. We only want to provide the best to our customers. 

I missed the order and there are no more slots anymore, how can I get more slots? 

For those who didn't manage to get a slot, FRET NOT! There are 3 ways to get ribs!

(A) Next Month Slots

Check out our Instagram page to see when is the slot release date.

(B)“First Come First Serve” Instagram Posts

Slots availability depends on my schedule. Once I have a free day, I will have a post opening a slot on my Instagram page @jettbarbecue. Comment on the post how many ribs you would like, first come first serve. Pro tip: Turn on the notifications for our posts.

(C) Instagram Giveaway

We started giveaways on @bistrojett during COVID times as a way to spread some joy. I think random acts of kindness are great, so I will continue giveaways on @jettbarbecue too! Look out for the post, good luck! Tune in to our livestream for the result too :)


For any other FAQs, please feel free to drop us a Instagram DM on @jettbarbecue. We will return your DM within the day.