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How to Redeem Free Jett Barbecue Ribs

2 Ways to Redeem Free Jett Barbecue Ribs

(1) Take a picture/video and if we post it, you get free ribs.

When your beef rib set arrives, take videos/pictures of our ribs with your friends and family and send it to us. If we post it on our insta feed, you’ll get a free set :)

We typically pick posts that highlights (a) food looking great (b) friends and family having an inclusive and fun time.

*NOTE: If we post it on our story, there will be no free ribs. Only insta feed posts are applicable to this offer. 

(2) Recommend our ribs to 5 friends and get a set free yourself.

We get so many customers through word of mouth and recently I have been thinking of a way to give back to those who introduce our ribs to your friends. As a form of appreciation, we will give you a free set of ribs for every 5 friends introduced.


(I) Let us know if you're interested in this promotion and we will track your friends orders.

(II) Inform your friends to indicate your name and phone number when placing an order so we can keep track.

(III) Orders must be placed through our mobile line 91522708. Online orders will not be applicable as we will not be able to track them.

(IV) Contact us once you have hit 5 friends :) or we will contact you. 

Terms and conditions 

(I) When you friends orders 1,2,3 or more sets, it is still considered at 1 friend. Each friend must purchase a minimum of 1 set.

(II) Each friend can only be recommended once, if your friend bought our ribs before from another friend’s recommendation, the friend will not be counted. This is to prevent double counting :)

(III) If you have tried our ribs but never bought our ribs before, this offer works for you as well.

(IV) Campaign started on 9 March 2023 and will last till 30 November 2023 or stated otherwise.